FIBA Technologies, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic-grade, Multiple Element Gas Containers (MEGCs) has expanded beyond the industrial gas customer base, to include some of the world’s largest producers and distributors of Silane, NF3, HCl, BF3, and other electronic gases.

FIBA has furnished a variety of equipment sizes ranging from ton containers up to 40 ft. 8-tube and 20 ft. 12-tube ISO modules (MEGCs) to meet the various payload requirements of our customers. Our internal cleanliness levels, low moisture content, and leak-tight integrity is unmatched in the industry. FIBA can achieve internal surface finishes as fine as a ‘mirror-like’, Ra 20 finish.  We can take moisture levels down to less than 1.0 ppm.

FIBA is the only producer who offers the “Chem-Lite” and DOT UN tubes. For most gas services (excluding toxic, Division 2.3), the DOT UN tubes provide operators with a 10-year requalification cycle rather than the 5-year retest offered by all other manufacturers. The Chem-Lite tubes allow a greater payload, higher water volume, and less weight than those assemblies offered by others.

Posted by: Erjon Metohu

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