Superjumbo tube trailers with 10 tubes and a 44-foot chassis, operate with pressures in excess of 3,200 psi, thus ensuring the largest road payload in the industry and optimal pressure transfer. The Superjumbo trailers are formatted to take advantage of acoustic emission testing (AET) that FIBA is certified to perform by DOT Special Permits. We provide Superjumbo trailers for all types of gases. Our trailers are designed to comply with DOT and, when necessary, international codes (e.g. ADR). Proprietary design criteria and analysis certify to our customers that FIBA tube trailers will comply with highway weight regulations (e.g. bridge law) and Compressed Gas Association (CGA) technical bulletin TB-25, Design Considerations for Tube Trailers, which is referenced in the Hazardous Materials Regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Title 49.

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