Tubes that are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) are used to store high-pressure gases and usually remain stationary. ASME tubes are an important part of numerous stationary gas storage applications and are particularly well-suited for the storage of helium and hydrogen, which may be impractical to store in a liquid phase. Currently, unlike DOT tubes, periodic requalification of ASME pressure vessels is not required by ASME code. Often, ASME pressure vessels are used in conjunction with other means of storage. For example, to improve the efficiency of their cylinder fill plants, helium and hydrogen distributors often order from FIBA a complete system that incorporates a tube trailer (mobile), ASME receiver (stationary), and high-pressure, diaphragm compressor. When used together, these components can accommodate fast-filling operations with optimal efficiency.

ASME Tubes
Type 2 Pressure Vessels
Type 4 Pressure Vessels
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