FIBA Technologies is a global leader in the gas containment industry providing advanced services for vessels, trailers and assemblies for many markets, including industrial gases, specialty gases, renewable fuels, energy, electronics and chemical gases. FIBA has always pushed the industry to higher standards when it comes to the design of its products and the requalification methods now used in the marketplace.

Our Ultrasonic Examination (UE) process (also known as ultrasonic testing – UT) replaces the standard hydrostatic test and is now accepted around the globe as the best method. This revolutionary technology provides a dramatic improvement in cylinder and tube safety and efficiency. The key benefits of the test are improved safety, reduced costs due to faster turnaround, no valve removal, and no internal contamination of the cylinder or tube by water. Our Acoustic Emission Testing (AET) is done at all of our facilities in addition to our ability to do on-site tube requalification. Our customers’ geographic location should no longer prevent vessels from being requalified.

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