For permanent ground storage of high-pressure gases, FIBA offers assemblies of DOT or ASME tubes and pressure vessels. ASME pressure vessels are ideal for these applications because, currently, periodic inspection or requalification is not mandated by code. Where on-site requalification can be performed and local regulations permit their use, DOT tubes are an attractive, economical alternative to ASME pressure vessels. All FIBA ground storage tube and pressure vessel assemblies are supplied complete with racks, valves, gauges, pressure relief devices, vents, and manifold to meet the necessary codes. We can even design systems to meet seismic, wind and temperature extremes! Just unload our ground storage assemblies from the delivery truck, make your connection to a FIBA tube trailer, fill stanchion, or pressure reducing station (FIBA accessories) and you are ready to go! Contact FIBA with your particular payload and pressure requirements and we can design and manufacture a system to meet your needs.

ASME Tubes
Type 2 Pressure Vessels
Type 4 Pressure Vessels
Portable CNG Trailers
Stationary HP CNG Storage
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