The Swap Load Skid has a custom-made framework that allows easy exchange of empty tanks for full tanks using a hook lift or roll-off truck. These trucks are common throughout the United States and readily available.

FIBA designed the equipment for industrial gas and construction companies that want to easily move compressed gas product to different locations and avoid costly crane and delivery charges. As you can see, swapping out an empty skid for a full skid takes just a matter of minutes. Note the front hook and the rear wheels installed on the skid for handling by the hook lift truck. Additionally, forklift pockets integrated into each side of the skid’s frame permit another means of moving gas product around the job site. Optional lifting eyes can be installed on the Swap Load Skid if crane lifting is desirable.

With its 8,000-pound tare weight and compact dimensions, the skid is especially useful for customer sites that have lifting and space limitations. The 4 tubes will provide a gas payload of approximately 20,000 standard cubic feet at a pressure of 2,600-psig. Valves, safeties, and controls are all included with the FIBA Swap Load Skid.

The Swap Load Skid is yet another FIBA innovation geared towards meeting the specific needs of its wide range of customers.

Posted by: FIBA Technologies

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