FIBA manufactures a full line of ABS/ISO skids designed for optimal payload and economy. Also termed multiple-element gas containers (MEGCs), skids are versatile and can be used as a tube trailer, shipping container or stationary receiver. Standard certifications are CSC and TIR/Customs and we are capable of attaining any other certification a customer may desire for international transport of gases. The Superjumbo skids are extremely competitive in the industry, carrying pressures exceeding 3,000-psig. When manufactured with our DOT UN tubes, a MEGC complies with International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code and, in most cases, the MEGC can be offered with a 10-year requalification cycle in accordance with the international packing instructions found in Table P-200.

Our skids vary in size, starting with a 9’ Mini-Jumbo skid which carries 8 tubes and up to 40’ long skid, carrying 12 tubes. We guarantee that the rigid frame provides strength. We were the first company to perform impact testing on our skids (as well as our tube trailers) in order to guaranty the durability for our products. See our impact testing video to learn more about this interesting test protocol.

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