FIBA’s machining center in Littleton, MA manufactures a variety of bullplugs, bullplug assemblies, pressure relief devices, flanges, and many more items. If you have a particular need, please give us a call.

Our machining center has many capabilities and the very latest, precision equipment. It is equipped with CNC lathes, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, CNC Machining Centers, Bridgeport, tool room lathes, radial drills, surface grinders, saws and other miscellaneous equipment. We have a Starrett comparator (Model HE350), Starrett digital vernier height gages, a profilometer, electronic vernier, and much more inspection and measuring tools. All machined products are in full compliance with DOT, ASME and CGA specifications. In particular, our safety devices are designed, manufactured, tested and certified by a Manufacturing Engineer to the requirements of CGA Pamphlet S-1.1. Combined, the Class A Machinists working at FIBA have over 100 years of experience. All assembled components are fully bench-tested, leak-tested, cleaned and inspected. For an additional cost, mass spectrometer testing and oxygen-compatible cleaning can also be performed.

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