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High pressure gas vessels are deployed in the launch of space rockets around the globeFIBA Technologies’ key role in the global space sector continues to grow.  The latest vast installation of FIBA products sees a large volume of high pressure gas vessels playing a significant part in launches of manned flights to conduct scientific experiments in space.

The hydrogen, nitrogen and helium vessels have been manufactured by the US-based high pressure gas storage and transportation specialist and shipped to a launch site in Asia.

FIBA’s international sales manager, JC Poussin, comments: “FIBA’s high pressure vessels are increasingly in demand from the growing space exploration industry.  We already supply all the high profile organizations currently pushing the boundaries of what is possible in space.  FIBA is now supplying a major space organization in Asia with the high pressure vessels required to perform successful launches.

“Our customer on this project is enabling human spaceflight, with a crew planning to conduct various science experiments while in orbit.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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