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Tubes in the process of being heat treated.

FIBA began manufacturing pressure vessels in 2003 and has since produced over 20,000 vessels. Strong demand for high pressure gas storage has pushed the company’s production to near capacity. To meet global demand, the company recently made a commitment to expand its tube production capacity.

In June, 2012, FIBA contracted Can-Eng Furnaces International to manufacture a new, large diameter, continuous heat treatment system. This continuous heat treatment equipment is a critical component that allows for the efficient production of safe and reliable pressure vessels. FIBA’s existing heat treatment system limits capacity to 15 pressure vessels per day. This newly designed and engineered, Can Eng system will allow FIBA to produce an additional 30 vessels per day, bringing the company’s annual tube production capacity to over 10,000 per year.

This increase in capacity will allow improved delivery times for customers, greater flexibility with product mix, and further expansion into growing markets like compressed natural gas and specialty gas storage and distribution. To read more about Can-Eng and its contract with FIBA, visit this link:

Posted by: John Felbaum

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