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WestAir Gases & Equipment, the leading industrial gas and specialty gas supplier operating across California, Texas and Arizona, is expanding its fleet with new hydrogen jumbo tube trailers, along with new helium and nitrogen jumbo tube trailers, from FIBA Technologies.

Serving the food, agriculture and beverage industries, among others, the WestAir fleet already consists of over 70 trucks and trailers, from microbulk to jumbo tube trailers.  The order for further FIBA trailers represents a major milestone in WestAir’s ongoing investment program.

Andy Castiglione, President of WestAir, says: “FIBA is recognised as the leading manufacturer of high pressure gas storage and transportation solutions and these new assets will enable WestAir to meet the needs of a growing demand for gas deliveries across all our territories.  We also find that having new capabilities attracts new business.

“WestAir is the haulage partner of choice for several gas majors in this region because we offer expertise and capabilities, which underpin these relationships. Our microbulk and bulk fleets deliver nitrogen, CO2, argon and oxygen, while the jumbo tube trailer fleet delivers hydrogen, nitrogen and helium.

“We also work with FIBA for the repair, re-test and maintenance of our growing fleet.  The FIBA service teams know our trucks and trailers intimately and get them repaired, re-tested and back on the road with skill and speed.  It’s like having a WestAir maintenance yard based at FIBA.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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