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Step by step, the global hydrogen sector is moving forward. The news that Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) is making its Californian R&D office its new hydrogen HQ has been widely welcomed.

What will be known as Toyota’s North American Hydrogen Headquarters (H2HQ) will focus on hydrogen-related products, with workspace for fuel cells R&D. There site already has a well-established 1.2MW scalable test bench for stationary applications, as well as hydrogen fuelling station.

Much of Toyota’s H2-related work will focus on fuel cell applications for both light and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as stationary fuel cell power generation.

It is encouraging to see major manufacturers such as Toyota make such investments and the wider hydrogen sector can only benefit from such initiatives.

FIBA’s ongoing investment into the sector sees it expanding its capacity to supply high pressure gas vessels for the growing number of refuelling stations across the US and globally.

Photo © Toyota Motor North America

Posted by: Andy Evans

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