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In June 2012, FIBA’s Taiwan facility was certified by the Industrial Gas Association of The Republic of China (IGAROC) to provide ultrasonic examination services for pressure vessels of 500 liters or less. This is a great achievement of the new facility that involved a six month audit and review process. The certification authorizes FIBA to use ultrasonic testing to requalify vessels according to DOT and KHK codes. IGAROC’s certification is recognized in both Taiwan and China and several other Asian countries.

FIBA has operated its facility in Taiwan, since January 2011. The facility provides requalification and rehabilitation services for gas containment equipment including: UN and DOT pressure vessels, ISO skids and MEGCs.

To learn more about the IGAROC, please visit their website:

To learn more about FIBA Taiwan, please view the facility’s brochure:

Posted by: John Felbaum

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