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CNG Tube Trailer

FIBA Technologies, Inc. just completed the production of another bulk CNG tube trailer for use in Canada. This trailer is the largest of its kind and is capable of hauling 289,171 SCF (12,998 LBS) of CNG. The trailer contains fourteen 2,748 PSI tubes, each with a water volume of 85.7 CU.FT. (2,427 L) or a total of 1,200 CU.FT. (33,978 L). The tare weight of this unit is 120,668 LBS (54,734 KGS), including the tubes, trailer, chassis and product.

The UN tubes are manufactured by FIBA in accordance with ISO standard 11120 and approved by both the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada (TC).  DOT UN tubes have a 10-year requalification cycle in CNG service.

This is a unique design, considering the packages payload and weight and is one of 50 units that FIBA is currently producing for use in Canada.

Posted by: John Felbaum

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