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Electronic grade manifold

The speciality gases required by the semi-conductor industry and the electronics sector as a whole demand the highest standard of equipment for their transportation and storage.  For over 20 years, Massachusetts-based FIBA Technologies has been delivering superior grades of tubes and ancillary equipment manufactured to meet the exacting standards of these specialist end users.  Here, Bill O’Brien, Vice President Plant Operations-Service Div., explains how FIBA meets the needs of the electronics industry worldwide.

“The electronics industry’s specialized gases are expensive and sensitive, so FIBA has developed high grade tubes, valves and manifolds for their transportation and storage.  Depending on the gases we’re working with, the tube can be internally polished to a 20 RA microinch finish required to minimize particulate contamination,” says Bill.

“The valves are equally critical as any contaminate could shut down a microchip line.  We often use tied diaphragm or regular diaphragm valves, so there is no packing that can leak.

“Manifolds are typically constructed from 316L SS or Hastelloy, depending on the commodity, and are orbitally welded for the electronics industry to minimize particulate contamination and maintain gas cleanliness.”


Posted by: Andy Evans

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