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high pressure gas vessels trailerFIBA Technologies has received orders from several US Air Force bases for high pressure gas trailers using its new, more efficient trailer design.  The new design has the same volume capabilities as FIBA’s previous standard trailer but with far fewer tubes, making it more economic.

By replacing the standard 9” with 22” pressure vessels FIBA has designed a trailer that reduces the number of tubes required from 38 to only 12, ensuring fewer potential leak points.  Instead of requiring a re-test every five years the new design can be tested every ten years, greatly reducing service costs.

The trailer will be used initially for helium and nitrogen but has been designed for a wide range of gases including hydrogen.

Sales director, Chris Finn, comments: “We have worked closely with customers to develop this new trailer which deliveries greater efficiencies and economies.

“We have produced a universal design that will be suitable for many sectors.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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