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FIBA Technologies Inc. has delivered the high pressure ground storage at the newly-opened Fountain Valley True Zero hydrogen refueling station in Orange County, California, developed by FirstElement Fuel. This is said to be California’s highest capacity hydrogen station so far.

FIBA is a key supplier to the state-wide hydrogen vehicle infrastructure that is seeing dozens more stations planned across California.  The state is seen as a pioneer in renewable hydrogen use and it requires that a minimum 33% of hydrogen fuel comes from renewable sources – for stations that qualify for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard ZEV infrastructure credit, that amount increases to 40%.

The Fountain Valley station has a daily capacity of 1,200 kg of totally renewable fuel and is the first hydrogen station in California serving passenger cars to have four fuelling positions.

“FIBA is proud to work so closely with FirstElement and the other partners in the California project,” says FIBA’s VP of sales and marketing Steve Finn.  “We are playing our part in an increasingly vital industry.”

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Posted by: Andy Evans

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