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Investment in polishing machine for finishing the interior and exterior surfaces of tubes and pressure vessels.Andy Tuan, the much-respected Managing Director of Linx Consulting, has been quoted as saying that the electronic specialty gas market should grow by around 12% this year. It’s a sector where FIBA has carved an excellent reputation thanks to its investment in a state-of-the-art polishing machine delivering high pressure gas transportation and storage vessels with an extremely high grade of finish.

This has proved very popular with companies producing and using electronic-grade, ultra-high purity, and specialty gases.

Mr Tuan was speaking to Gasworld, commenting:

“If we look at the next five years, we expect to see average annual growth rate of 8%, and the semiconductor sector will account for the majority of the total electronic specialty gas market.”

Certainly, FIBA has seen growth in the specific areas of the market he highlighted, including the semiconductor business.

Bill O’Brien, Vice President Plant Operations-Service Div., adds:

“The electronics industry’s specialized gases are expensive and sensitive, so FIBA has developed high grade tubes, valves and manifolds for their transportation and storage. Depending on the gases we’re working with, the tube can be internally polished to a 20 RA microinch finish required to minimize particulate contamination.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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