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High pressure gas vessels are deployed in the launch of space rockets around the globe

It is always exciting to receive an order for high pressure gas vessels from the space exploration sector.  Even though FIBA Technologies has been supplying NASA – the most historic and acknowledged leader in space travel – for some years, the team is always honored when asked to play a small part in helping push the boundaries of discovery.

The demand for FIBA’s high pressure storage and transportation vessels continues to grow apace within this sector.  Whether they are being deployed in Asia for the launch of manned flights for scientific experimentation in space, or for the buoyancy pool for trainee astronauts, FIBA’s high pressure gas vessels are key components of most major space organizations’ operations.

The most recent and huge installation of FIBA’s products can be found in Asia where a large volume of high pressure gas vessels are being used in the launch of a series manned flights that will see the crews carry out a sequence of scientific experiments while in space.

FIBA’s role within this sector does not solely rest on the design and manufacture of new vessels.  The company’s retest, repair and refurbishment skills are also in demand.

This was seen during a recent visit to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, when our acoustic emission re-test expert, Marshall Wilbert, was treated to a tour of the facility where trainee astronauts experience zero gravity in preparation for their space travels.

“A pair of FIBA tube trailers supply breathable air to the astronauts for their training in the buoyancy pool,” said Marshall.

“To see FIBA’s recently refurbished trailers being deployed in such a critical installation brings home to me the fact that the quality of the retest and maintaining the purity of the tubes is absolutely critical.”


Posted by: Andy Evans

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