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Specialist gases for semiconductor production require specialist transport solutionsFIBA Technologies Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of high pressure gas storage and transportation vessels, is experiencing a surge in demand for gas trailer vessels due to the global shortage of semiconductors driving the need for specialist gases and for the trailers required to deliver them.

FIBA’s Taiwan office is close to where much of the world’s semiconductor manufacturing takes place and it has received orders for trailer skids valued at over $3.5 million last month alone from customers including Linde LienHwa.

Winson Chen, business development manager at FIBA Taiwan, says:  “FIBA’s tube trailers and intermodal skid containers are used widely by specialist gas distributors.  With the current focus on increasing semiconductor manufacture our customers need to increase their trailer fleets to serve that industry.

“This is especially relevant here in Taiwan.  The recent sales have been to some of the world’s largest producers and distributors of Silane, NF3, HCl, N2O and Helium/H2, classified as ultra-high purity gases used in the semiconductor chip manufacturing process.”

Test and Refurb Services In Demand

While some gas distributors are buying new skid trailers, others are investing in maintaining their existing tube trailer and multi-element gas container fleets to minimize downtime so they can serve the semiconductor manufacturers as they increase production of chips for IT and vehicle manufacture.

FIBA’s US test and refurbishment sites in Pennsylvania and Louisiana have been expanded to cater for the demand. Its Massachusetts headquarters has also seen investment in new equipment and the recruitment of extra technicians.

Bill O’Brien, Vice Plant Operations – Service Div. at FIBA, says FIBA is a key supplier in the support network currently gearing up to help the semiconductor industry meet demand:

“The gas products for the electronics sector are ultrapure and require a higher level of tube preparation than a standard vessel.

“FIBA’s role is to help gas distributors keep their delivery stock rolling.  We are upgrading and refurbishing existing vehicles needed to deliver specialist gas to increase chip production.  Our skilled retest and repair teams in the US and Taiwan are stepping up to the challenge.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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