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Type IV high pressure gas vessels are repaired and re-certifiedFIBA Technologies’ expert trailer service team is experiencing a major increase in Type IV requalification work, with over 30 extra trailers booked into FIBA’s Ohio site already this year.

FIBA has seen a rise in requalification work on Type IV vessels made by various manufacturers including Hexagon and Quantum.

Later in 2024 FIBA plans to introduce a remote MAE (modal acoustic emissions) testing service team which can be deployed directly to customers’ own locations.  This is expected to further increase the number of Type IV vessels being booked into FIBA workshops for servicing and requalification.

Chris Finn, FIBA’s CCO (Chief Commercial Officer), comments: “The Type IV requalification process includes the visual inspection of the inside and outside of the vessels; disassembling, cleaning and rebuilding all tank head valves; repairing the frame structure and removing contaminants.

“The FIBA requalification teams specialize in this work and will soon be enhancing their skillsets with the addition of remote MAE testing.”

FIBA Technologies has a total of seven repair and requalification sites across the US, from California to Massachusetts, delivering repairs and services for every type of high pressure gas trailer, including tons, electronic skids.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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