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Japanese chemicals manufacturer Resonac Corporation is investing in ID polished tube skids for the transportation of specialty electronic grade gases. The tube skids are being manufactured by leading global high pressure gas storage and transportation provider, US-based FIBA Technologies.

FIBA has recently invested in the design and build of a state-of-the-art polishing machine for finishing the interior and exterior surfaces of tubes and pressure vessels.  It delivers the extremely high grade of finish required for electronic-grade, ultra-high purity, and specialty gases.

Winson Chen, Asia Business Development Manager for FIBA Technologies, says: “Resonac is a leading gas and chemicals supplier in this region. The company has an excellent reputation for the development of specialist chemicals in use across a wide variety of industries.

“Different gases require different standards of surface finish in the transportation tubes.  For instance, a hydrogen pressure vessel requires a less smooth internal finish than specialist gases.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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