FIBA has re-engineered its supply chain to secure pipes for the manufacture of high pressure hydrogen and gas vesselsMassachusetts-based FIBA Technologies Inc., the leading manufacturer of high-pressure gas storage vessels and transportation solutions, has radically overhauled its supply chain to maintain manufacturing output at a time of global slowdown.  The manufacturer has been able to continue to meet growing customer demand by maintaining higher inventory levels.  In-turn, on-hand material availability has provided FIBA with more flexibility in production scheduling and reducing manufacturing lead times.

Prompted by the worldwide events of Covid, the Suez Canal blockage, and increasing costs, FIBA formed a task force to ensure it was able to maintain high levels of manufacturing output.  A series of critical issues faced the industry, from the stretching of manufacturing lead times of raw pipe and the rise in logistics costs, to transit times growing and the increasingly difficult task of securing delivery of the goods from ports.

Director of Materials, Dave Falzone explains: “We moved quickly to expand both our supply chain and our shipment methods due to the unforeseen global events over the last few years. This allowed us to increase our inventories and more quickly respond to customer demand by having inventory available for our production.”

FIBA was forced to rethink its standard logistics routes by utilizing various US ports of entry and multiple modes of transportation for imports.

“Although breakbulk ocean shipments have substantially increased our landed costs and transit times, we have been able to maintain and even increase our critical component inventory levels,” explains Falzone.

By anticipating and immediately addressing the global supply and logistical challenges head-on, FIBA has met the growing demand for its high pressure gas storage and transportation equipment without compromising on meeting customers’ delivery expectations.pipe arrives for manufacture of high pressure hydrogen vessels and storage solutions for full range of gases and for gas transportation trailers

Posted by: Andy Evans

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