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leading manufacturer of hydrogen pressure vessels hold company-wide QA meetingFIBA Technologies has held its first annual Quality Conference for QA representatives since the Covid-19 lockdowns of recent years, with quality managers from each of the company’s six US sites and Taiwan meeting at FIBA’s Littleton, MA HQ.  The 2023 event saw the focus placed firmly on addressing quality issues that directly benefit FIBA customers.

Joe Morais, FIBA’s Quality Director, also brought in experts from across the company to address quality matters relating to all aspects of the business, from engineering to plant operations, and from safety to HR.

“Training on the FIBA quality management system and internal auditing were key subjects to this event,” explains Joe Morais.   “FIBA works in dialog with customers to continuously assess and improve quality matters, and this annual event enables us to ensure that each FIBA site is able to implement the latest thinking.

“They are very thorough events.  We drill down into all areas of the internal and external processes to ensure we continue to deliver the highest level of quality products to the highest standards, from quality assurance to process inspection, and from machine calibrations right through to documentation.

“The Annual Quality Conference is also where we share best practice.  We’re already planning the agenda for the 2024 event!”

Photo L-R Corey Arvie, QA/Safety Inspector from Rayne LA; Andrew O’Donnell, QC Technician from Littleton MA; Nindy Ramos, QA Admin from Littleton MA.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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