FIBA has engineered and manufactured cryogenic tanks and trailers since 1978. Cryogenic vessels are used to transport and store gases in liquid form at extremely cold temperatures, which allows for a larger payload of gas in a smaller volume of storage space.

FIBA offers an extensive line of cryogenic trailers and tanks, including both stationary and portable tanks. All of our tanks are ASME-coded and National Board-registered and range from 1500 gallons to 11,000 gallons with an operating pressure of up to 250-PSIG. Our portable tanks are the best in the industry and comply with U.S. DOT and IMDG international codes. Our cryogenic trailers are manufactured for a high payload and can accommodate a large variety of pump and drive options. Every trailer is certified and manufactured to U.S. DOT standards. Four of our U.S. facilities can provide full services for our cryogenic vessels and trailers.

FIBA’s line of Cryogenic Products Include:

  • ABS/ISO Portable Tanks
  • Cryogenic Transport Trailers
  • CO2 Vacuum-Jacketed Tanks
  • Vaporizers
  • Cryogenic Tanks
  • Easy Load Portable Tanks
Cryogenic Trailers
Portable Cryogenic Tanks
Ambient Vaporizers
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