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high pressure gas vessels stay safe in crash thanks to patented trailer designFIBA’s patented modular trailer design has prevented a serious leak during a rear end collision involving a truck carrying high pressure gas vessels, protecting the tubes from being impacted or dislodging.

Dan McCall, FIBA’s Director of Sales & Operations, comments: “Fortunately, the crash did not result in a gas leak due to the modular design holding together the vessels exactly as it was meant to.

“This design has proven so successful that when FIBA re-tests and re-builds trailers such as these we upgrade them all to incorporate this modular design, which also extends the retest cycle from 5 to 10 years.

“Customers should be aware of the safety and cost advantages and upgrade older style conventional trailers to this safe and proven design, to operate at the same high safety standard.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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