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Ohio team has reached a n impressive safety landmark

FIBA Technologies Inc’s Midvale, OH site has passed the 2,000th day without a safety incident, an impressive achievement and a reflection of how important safety issues are across the company.

Safety incidents are recorded on each shift and investigated thoroughly, but at Midvale the staff have lost zero working hours due to safety issues.

Joe Downing, Inventory Control at Midvale, says: “We all understand the importance of maintaining the highest safety standards and we act as a team in working to achieve this. It’s great to report such good news.”

Josh Tomblin, QA/Safety Supervisor responsible for safety and quality at Midvale, comments: “Our team does a great job identifying safety issues throughout the manufacturing process. This helps implement new and strategic steps to ensure the safety of each employee as we strive to continuously improve on both the safety and the quality of our work.”

John Ansell, Safety Manager, is responsible for safety across FIBA’s US sites.  He comments: “Through continued focus on our Safety Principles and the continuous efforts of ALL Midvale employees to identify and eliminate unsafe conditions and behaviors, Midvale has accomplished a great milestone!”

Additionally, FIBA Technologies Inc’s Midvale, OH site was recognized at the annual Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Safety Awards Ceremony in April 2021, receiving the Bronze Level Recognition Award for exceeding 250,000 hours worked without a time lost incident.

All employees strive to conduct business responsibly and in a way that protects the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the public.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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