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Vaporizer-maker adds new manager for KY site

FIBA Technologies Inc. has appointed Gray Allred as a plant manager at its Louisville, KY site.

FIBA is the leading manufacturer of high pressure gas storage and transportation solutions and Gray, 34, has been appointed to help steer the company’s Kentucky manufacturing capabilities as demand for its various products continues to grow.

Originally from North Carolina, Gray now lives close to FIBA’s plant over the state border in Corydon, IN with his wife and three children.  In his spare time he is a keen hunter and musician.

“I believe in having hands-on experience,” says Gray.  “I am spending my first weeks at FIBA gaining hands-on knowledge and building relationships, then doing as much as possible to ensure I am fully capable in terms of our processes and people.

“It’s a very exciting time to join FIBA.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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