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Madeline Calder will expedite FIBA's job quotation processFIBA Technologies Inc. has appointed Madeline Calder as Inside Sales Manager with the specific task of speeding up the customer job cost estimates process across FIBA’s US retest locations.

Madeline’s new role sees the company committing to compiling and issuing all customer quotations within 15 days of a trailer arriving at a FIBA site.

Each of the five FIBA retest sites, from California to Pennsylvania, specializes in a range of testing, repair, refurbishment and requalification services for gas containment vessels, trailers and assemblies.  Across the sites these services include acoustic emission testing and hydrostatic requalification, full trailer refurbishment and cryogenic rehabilitation.

“My role is focussed on expediting the start of the job for each customer,” comments Madeline, who has worked at FIBA for ten years.  “The sooner the customer receives a fully detailed quotation, the sooner they can give the go-ahead for the repair, refurbishment and re-test.

“A 15 day turnaround is ambitious, but we are responding to customers’ needs and we have a duty to help them keep their trailers on the road.

“We repair and re-test over 1,000 trailers each year, and I will be dealing with all aspects of the supply chain.  Quotations going out and purchase orders coming in will be part of a much more streamlined process.  This gives us the confidence to commit to a 15-day turnaround for quotations.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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