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FIBA's new spinner forge will boost capacity to manufacture high pressure gas vesselsUS-based high pressure gas storage and transportation specialist FIBA Technologies Inc. is investing in another state-of-the-art forge spinner for the manufacture of high pressure gas vessels at volume. The new spinner, currently being built to FIBA’s design, will significantly increase its manufacturing capacity.

The spinner will also boost FIBA’s ability to process the heaviest materials. It is part of the company’s commitment to invest in higher output manufacturing, greatly increasing its production capacity.

John Finn, Vice President of Finance & Operations at FIBA, says: “FIBA is the largest supplier of storage and transportation vessels to the global hydrogen market.

“In response to customer demand, FIBA is investing heavily to increase its ability to forge very thick seamless pipe, to carry higher volumes of gas at greater pressures. The new spinner’s induction heating system will allow for uniform heat penetration for a flawless forging profile.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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