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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is boosting its ability to store helium with a new installation of FIBA Technologies’ ground storage tubes.  This new installation reflects a wider market demand for storing helium, a rare and non-renewable gas.

The high pressure storage is being used to capture the gas that boils off from liquid and is then re-liquified off the storage.

FIBA Sales Director, Chris Finn, says that the rise in value of such gases (particularly helium) is prompting many institutions to upgrade their storage capabilities:  “Due to the rise in the cost of helium over the last few years, most universities and institutions need to capture and re-use the liquid helium as it boils off from their MRI scanners.  MIT has taken steps to mitigate this and FIBA is supplying the university with an ASME ground storage pack as well as refurbishing a set already installed.”

Recent years have seen the price of helium soar, so any way of capturing and storing it is increasingly seen as essential. At the same time, there is a boom in exploration for helium.  Signs are that helium will continue to be an important market for FIBA for some time.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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