hydrogen pressure vesselsThe much-needed pan-European hydrogen infrastructure took a step closer recently when Air Liquide and TotalEnergies announced their plan to create a joint venture to co-develop a network of H2 stations for heavy-duty vehicles using the continent’s key roads.


This is seen as a major boost to the European H2 sector as a whole and should see the demand for hydrogen pressure vessels rise significantly, as the need for hydrogen storage grows. As a global player within the H2 market, FIBA Technologies continues to supply hydrogen pressure vessels to refueling stations around the world.  Europe remains a key market.

Over 100 New Refueling Stations

Working together, Air Liquide and TotalEnergies are set to create the 100 H2 refueling stations bearing the TotalEnergies brand.  Where will the new stations be located?  The plan is for a number of major European roads across France, Benelux and Germany to host the 100+ new stations, forming strategic H2 corridors across the region.

The plan sees the entrance to the market of a major new H2 player, with each partner bringing its own strengths and experience to the sector.

  • Air Liquide is a leading expert in H2 technologies
  • TotalEnergies is a clear leader in operating refueling station networks and in fuel distribution

The joint venture should have benefits for the entire H2 supply chain.

Europe is rich in manufacturers of refueling station technology and FIBA is best-placed to provide hydrogen pressure vessels, with Type 1 seamless steel vessels being the preferred option for ground storage.

FIBA also manufactures transportation solutions, from jumbo trailers to MEGCs.

Accelerating Refueling Infrastructure

Announcing the new project, Matthieu Giard, Vice President and Executive Committee Member of the Air Liquide Group, supervising the H2 activities, said, “H2 offers clear benefits for heavy duty mobility. To promote its widespread use, it is imperative to accelerate the development of refueling infrastructures and to offer vehicle manufacturers and transport operators a sufficiently dense network of stations. It is precisely the ambition of this joint venture, which will benefit from the complementary expertise of Air Liquide and TotalEnergies. As a leader for over 60 years and with unique know-how and technologies, Air Liquide is a major player to accelerate and scale up the development of H2, a key element for the emergence of a low-carbon society.”

Thierry Pflimlin, President Marketing & Services de TotalEnergies, said, “Following the recent signature of a partnership for the production of renewable and low-carbon H2 on our Grandpuits Zero Crude Platform, we are pleased to once again join forces with Air Liquide and continue our common efforts to decarbonize mobility. As pioneers in H2 mobility, we are convinced of the necessity to start building now a heavy-duty network that will benefit our customers. This new partnership with Air Liquide will enable us to continue our development across the entire H2 value chain.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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