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Highest standard of internal polishing for high pressure gas vessels for electronics industryThe global electronics industry’s need for high pressure gas storage continues to grow, requiring vessels manufactured to an extremely high standard of finish for electronic-grade, ultra-high purity (UHP), and specialty gases.

 FIBA Technologies leads the way in producing the smoothest surfaces of tubes and pressure vessels now in use across the semiconductor industry.  This is thanks to its continuous investment program across the manufacturing process as highlighted by its state-of-the-art polishing machine.

This has been developed using a proprietary design and it delivers the surface finishes needed for the storage of gases that must have the highest levels of cleanliness, surface finish, and purity.  These include such as silane, NF3, HCl and N2O.

The purity of these gases is a prime factor for semiconductor quality: the manufacture of delicate silicon wafers requires gas impurities to be eliminated.  FIBA’s ability to clean and even polish the walls on the internal surface of the tube minimize the presence of hydrocarbon and particulate contaminants that negatively affect gas quality.

This service is available for individual cylinders (e.g. ton containers) and large tubes comprising tube trailers and multiple-element gas containers (MEGCs).

Cleaning and Polishing

After tubes have been shotblasted internally specialized solvents are used to remove hydrocarbons.  Next comes a process where heated, de-ionized water flushes the vessels, removing residual solvent and particulates.  Following this, FIBA conducts non-volatile residue (NVR) testing (performed gravimetrically) and particulate population counts which validate the internal cleanliness of the tube.

For the more aggressive gases, or gases that require passivation, the tube can be polished internally to a 20 RA microinch finish or even electrolytically nickel plated.

FIBA continues to work alongside the electronics industry to supply the highest standards of high pressure gas vessel manufacturing.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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