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It’s good to see FIBA Technologies featured so heavily and quoted so widely in the new issue of H2 View magazine here Made in America: FIBA, US-made products, and five factors inspiring optimism (

As the article says, the US hydrogen sector has had major investment, both on a Federal scale and from global corporations. While California leads the way, the rest of the country is picking up the pace – it’s often US-based key players who are the true pioneers of the global hydrogen market.

Stephen Finn, FIBA’s VP Sales & Marketing, is quoted extensively about the progress being made in the US hydrogen sector. “True to the American pioneering spirit, what is happening in California – and we are proud to play a major part in this – will create a ripple effect across the rest of the nation,” he says.

“California is the size and population of a European country, so progress there is substantial and significant.  And globally, American companies’ technology and influence are everywhere.”

It’s an interesting piece and we recommend you read it.  FIBA is proud to be playing a part both within the US and globally.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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