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High pressure gas vessels for storing hydrogenAn interesting article has been published in written by Swagelok’s Metallurgist and Materials Scientist Buddy Mann.  It discusses the embrittlement challenges in handling hydrogen, which requires specific technical solutions for storage and transportation due to its lightness and small molecule size.

FIBA Technologies understands this issue only too well and has highlighted the fact that, in addition to the mandatory markings applied to all UN or ISO tubes manufactured in accordance with ISO Standard 11120, the DOT UN tubes manufactured specifically for hydrogen service have an “H” mark included in the stamp markings.

This “H” mark can indicate that the tube was manufactured and tested to meet the design requirements for embrittling gas service.

Buddy Damm’s article discusses embrittlement in detail.  Embrittlement, he explains, means “a metal’s ductility, fracture resistance and fatigue are significantly reduced due to the service setting’s environmental conditions compared to situations without those stressors.”

The embrittling characteristics of hydrogen are key factors in the design and manufacture of hydrogen storage and transportation solutions, as seen in FIBA’s specialist high pressure gas vessels designed specifically for the hydrogen sector.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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