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FIBA's high pressure gas vessels sit at the heart of the hydrogen infrastructure Last week we saw a major leap forward in the development of a hydrogen network in Germany, with the country’s federal cabinet agreeing a new law to facilitate an expansion of Germany’s hydrogen infrastructure. The plan is for rapid growth in hydrogen availability across the country. Although it is not yet ratified, the law is being heralded as a huge milestone for hydrogen in Germany.

This mirrors what we’re seeing in a growing number of states and countries. In Germany the law will enable a quicker route to planning permission for all manner of facilities, including green hydrogen production facilities, pipelines, import terminals, and power lines.

Of course, FIBA Technologies’ high pressure gas vessels sit at the heart of hydrogen infrastructure projects, taking their place in refuelling stations.

Germany has often blazed a trail in promoting hydrogen use and by addressing the often slow and torturous planning process the country is stepping up its commitment to ensure that hydrogen is front and center of its alternative fuel future.

Of course, to produce the green hydrogen that German H2 manufacturers require they must have access to water, and the new streamlined planning laws address this issue directly.

Planning will be smoother, decisions will be made more quickly, permitting will also be more efficient.

While the Hydrogen Acceleration Act has yet to be passed by parliament there is a strong groundswell of support that is pushing the hydrogen movement forward and Germany is proud of its pioneering role in Europe.



Posted by: Andy Evans

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