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High pressure gas vessels are treated with shot blast technologyLeading high pressure gas vessel manufacturer and service provider FIBA Technologies, Inc. has invested in its fifth Rotoblast machine.  This is part of a $1m+ investment in expanding service capacities at its Rayne, Louisiana facility.

Dan McCall, Director Sales & Operations, says: “We are seeing a surge in demand for FIBA’s repair, rehab and refurbishment services.  Across the US, customers need the highest standards of service for their gas vessels, while also requiring a fast turnaround.

“This investment demonstrates that FIBA is further developing its service capabilities to meet that growing demand.

“Installing this shot blasting machine expands our capacity significantly. It’s not just about removing paint from tubes more efficiently, it’s about FIBA’s overall capacity for processing tubes.

“The new Rotoblast machine can handle all sizes of high pressure gas tubes, reducing lead times and expanding our overall capacity for the service of vessels.”

Pictured left to right: Hunter Theriot, Brian Kerschner, Thomas Bernard, Tom Wright, Darrel Yokum and Daniel Lacomb.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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