Parts manager for manufacturer of high pressure gas vesselsAndy Perales, FIBA Technologies’ much-respected parts sales manager, is retiring after a 46 year career in managing parts operations.  Having begun his career at an International Harvester truck dealership, Andy established Amko’s parts business and then joined FIBA Technologies in 2013 when FIBA acquired Amko’s assets from Praxair.

Aged 65, Andy has plans to restore his 125-year old house in rural Idaho and to explore the countryside around his home.

Seen by many as a pioneer in the trailer parts business, Andy helped make the FIBA Parts Department as the go-to source for hard-to-find and urgent parts for trailers right across the USA, into South America and even as far as China.

As FIBA Sales Manager, Dan McCall, says: “Andy’s retirement is well-deserved and we all wish him well, but this is sad news for his FIBA colleagues who see him as a positive and reliable partner.

“Andy has been central to FIBA’s success as a parts supplier and the very many gas distributors who have built up a personal relationship with Andy will miss him.”

Speaking from his desk in Idaho, Andy looked back at his 10 years with FIBA Technologies and his 46-year career in total:

“Working at FIBA Technologies has been very rewarding,” he said.  “FIBA has urgent calls from all over the States every day from customers who know they can rely on FIBA to source and deliver the exact part they need, however urgent it is. That has kept me very busy, and I will miss going in to work and I will miss my colleagues.

“FIBA’s success is built on relationships and on our reliability and I am proud to have played a part in that.”


Posted by: Andy Evans

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