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Type IV composite tubes tested by FIBA TechnologiesFIBA Technologies’ continuous investment program is seeing a major upgrade in the Type IV cylinder testing facilities at FIBA’s Midvale, OH site.

FIBA’s Sales Manager, Dan McCall, comments: “Midvale is just one of five FIBA US service sites and it’s here where we conduct much our Type IV testing.  We are planning to expand our Type IV testing capability across our other service locations too.

 “FIBA has special approval from the Department of Transportation to requalify Type IV pressure vessels manufactured by Hexagon Lincoln using hydrostatic testing and we are seeing an increase in demand for this process.

“We have invested in more pumps and safety equipment for this specialized testing and requalification method. Hydrostatic testing demonstrates a vessel’s ability to safely perform at its specified operating pressure.

“This investment in the Type IV testing upgrade has been ongoing for six months and customers are seeing the benefits with faster turnarounds for their equipment.”



Posted by: Andy Evans

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