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FIBA opens long-term trailer service schedule - high pressure gas vessels on trailersFIBA Technologies has developed a re-test, repair and refurbishment schedule accessible to customers which enables the advance booking of trailer services.  In response to the growing demand for its repair and refurbishment services, FIBA is enabling customers to plan their fleet repairs in advance to ensure trailers remain on the road.

As the leading manufacturer of gas transportation and storage vessels, FIBA makes and maintains trailers for all the major industrial gas producers and distributors across the US. It has service centres located in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and California.

FIBA’s Sales Manager, Dan McCall, comments: “FIBA’s service teams are based across the US, ensuring customers are able to keep their trailers on the road.  Increasingly, this means enabling customers to schedule repairs and maintenance well in advance to reduce trailer downtime and to better plan spares availability.

“This makes the whole process much more streamlined.”

Customers can schedule their trailers into FIBA’s repair, re-test and maintenance service centres many months in advance of a trailer requiring a re-test.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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