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Emergency Response Gas Supply Mobile Pump UnitFIBA, the leading manufacturer of high pressure gas storage systems, has designed and built a special mobile gas pumper for Air Products Express (APEX) at its Midvale, Ohio plant.  The pumper trailer provides short-term emergency industrial gas supplies for when end users have unplanned maintenance periods and peak demand surges. It is also ideal for remote projects and for start-up sites.

“This is one of the most sophisticated and complex products FIBA has ever made,” says FIBA Sales Manager Dan McCall.  “APEX is renowned for providing a fast response.  With this state-of-the-art unit, APEX can respond to customer demands with a super-quick and super-flexible service.”

The mobile pumper unit can be used for a variety of gases, including nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. It will be used in a wide range of deployments, including purging and inerting systems; cooling of catalytic reactors and heat exchangers; drying process equipment; pressure testing piping systems and gas storage; and product displacement.

It is designed as a self-contained operation for a fast set-up.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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