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Demand is growing for refurbished Microbulk gas unitsFIBA Technologies Inc is reporting a surge in demand for cryogenic microbulk truck units which can carry up to 3,000 gallons of liquid gas.  FIBA’s Midvale, OH site is home to a specialist microbulk unit refurbishment team which is experiencing an increase in units requiring total refurbs for reasons of safety, quality and viability.

Microbulk units are increasingly popular as an alternative to delivering gases in individual cylinders or in far larger trucks and trailers.

FIBA’s Midvale-based sales manager Dan McCall explains: “We carry out microbulk truck refurb work for gas majors including Linde and Air Products, but we are also seeing these units utilised by mid-sized companies to deliver smaller gas loads.

“With real estate and space at a premium, it’s not always possible to accommodate bulk medical gas deliveries.  So gas companies offer the microbulk medical gases system which reduces the access problem and negates the cost of having cylinders moved around.

“Our expert team repairs, rehabilitates and upgrades everything from the tanks and piping to the valves and metering systems.  Many of these refurb projects are coming to us so we can update the safety mechanisms to meet new protocols.

“These are a cost-effective alternative to delivering gases in cylinders, so single deliveries in one unit can meet a customer’s entire requirements. The gas can be decanted on-site, eliminating the inconvenience of swapping empty cylinders for full.”

Vacuum Problems Require Specialist Expertise

“One of the reasons FIBA’s microunit team is in such demand is our specialist ability to isolate and remedy vacuum problems,” says Dan McCall. “Depending on their use the microunits require a full rehab service every ten, 15 or 20 years.  This vastly improves the units’ performance but also brings them up to the latest standards in terms of safety, quality and ease of use by making their operation more uniform.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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