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Dan Spalding at FIBA Technologies, manufacturer of high pressure gas vesselsFIBA Technologies, Inc., the leading manufacturer of pressure vessels for storing and transporting gas, has appointed Dan Spalding as its new parts sales manager. Dan is stepping up having spent his last three years as FIBA’s chief parts purchaser, based in Ohio.

FIBA Technologies’ Parts Department is respected across the US as the most reliable source of spare parts. Dan is eager to build on this reputation, as many customers have come to see FIBA as their own parts department, so reliable and fast-moving is the service.

Dan started his career as a trailer technician and has 22 years in the industry – 13 of them at FIBA, including as an assistant plant manager – so he really knows every part of every trailer inside out.

As Dan says: “You name the trailer, I’ve worked on it or ordered parts for it.  Whether cryo, CO2, liquid hydrogen or high pressure tube trailers, I’ve stripped it down and built it back up.”

FIBA has a great responsibility to help keep customers’ trailers on the road, taking urgent calls from all over the States every day.  The FIBA team takes that responsibility seriously and Dan is proud to be working closely with customers as FIBA’s new parts sales manager.

FIBA Sales Manager, Dan McCall, says: “Dan Spalding represents a continuation of the high standards we have set for many years. Above all, he is a clear communicator and we know that customers need that – someone who responds immediately to their needs and keeps them abreast of the progress of their parts.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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