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AE testing of high pressure gas vessels

FIBA Technologies is increasingly relied on by the owners and operators of high pressure gas distribution equipment, such as tube trailers and multiple-element gas containers (MEGCs), to ensure their apparatus is maintained in the best condition to continue in service.  Specifically, FIBA’s industry-leading teams of inspection, test, repair and refurbishment experts across the US and in Taiwan are relied on to keep the trailers and MEGCs up and running with as little downtime as possible.

Techniques such as acoustic emission (AE) testing are increasingly applied as they can often result in avoiding the disassembly of a trailer, cutting the time required to test and refurb the equipment, sending it back out on the road with an excellent bill of health.

AE is a highly efficient route to re-certification.

When the trailers and MEGCs arrive at a FIBA re-test facility a rigorous safety routine is conducted prior to any testing and remedial work.  Once all safety checks are completed the re-certification process can begin and AE testing often forms a key stage.

Of course, there may be the occasion when disassembly really is required. In that case, valves and pressure relief devices can be removed from the tubes and a visual examination of the interior and exterior of the vessels can be conducted at FIBA’s various requalification facilities.

FIBA also has experts that carry out AE tests at the customers’ own locations, reducing downtime even more.

No wonder AE is considered the way forward.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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