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FIBA Technologies is blazing a path to the future with new lightweight compressed gas trailers using aerospace grade carbon fibers and advanced polymers. The result is the ability to reduce fleet sizes by carrying more gas and less steel with high capacity, lightweight compressed gas trailers. Since 1958, FIBA Technologies, Inc. has been a global leader in high- pressure gas safety, gas transportation trailers and skids, compressed gas equipment, advanced testing and service. Headquartered in Littleton, Massachusetts, FIBA is designing and building the newest generation of gas transport technology to offer weight savings of 35 – 70 percent from traditional steel tube trailers.

FIBA Composite CNG Trailer

FIBA Composite CNG Trailer

Reducing Fleet Sizes by Carrying More Gas, Less Steel

FIBA’s lightweight composite gas trailers help reduce fleet sizes by carrying more gas volume in each lightweight trailer. This benefit provides fast returns on investment for gas transportation haulers. Gas transporters can carry more gas with fewer trailers using less fuel, reducing fleet size, making logistics easier, and reducing costs of safety, personnel, fuel, and other factors.

Virtual Pipelines

FIBA’s new lightweight Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) transport modules supply natural gas in regions that are not currently served by natural gas pipelines. Industrial plants and CNG vehicle filling stations no longer need to wait for a real pipeline to be built before switching to clean, inexpensive natural gas.

Industrial factories of all sorts need to meet new restrictive EPA air pollution standards. Switching to CNG as a cleaner fuel eliminates up to 26 percent of carbon emissions while lowering SO 2 and particulate emissions.

FIBA’s lightweight composite gas trailers are an ideal match for “rolling pipeline” supply of CNG energy. FIBA’s high capacity, lightweight composite trailers provide a continuous transport operation with the smallest available truck trailer fleets and lowest cost logistics.

Tailored Technology for Customers’ Needs

FIBA meets diverse customer requirements by offering two generations of lightweight composite gas trailers. This helps gas transport companies to find the right balance of lightweight and low cost.

 Each FIBA full composite pressure tube uses a special high tech polymer liner that accommodates the high and low temperature extremes of fast filling and discharge in cold and hot climates.

Economical hybrid fiber/steel tubes, known as hoop-wrapped steel, are FIBA’s low cost composite solution. FIBA’s hybrid hoop-wrapped jumbo tubes combine high strength steel liners that are hoop-wrapped along the sidewall with carbon fiber/epoxy. The hybrid hoop-wrapped tubes provide 35 percent weight reduction from high strength steel.

Full composite carbon fiber pressure tubes are super lightweight. FIBA’s lightest pressure vessels provide 70 percent weight reduction from steel tubes. FIBA’s full composite pressure tubes are built with impermeable polymer liners that are fully wrapped with aerospace-grade carbon/epoxy.  Each FIBA full composite pressure tube uses a special high tech polymer liner that accommodates the high and low temperature extremes of fast filling and discharge in cold and hot climates.


Uncompromising Safety, Firefighter Tough

Uncompromising safety and toughness are FIBA’s top priority for compressed gas equipment. FIBA uses the same materials, construction, and testing methods that have proven safe for millions of firefighters who use lightweight, 4,500 psi carbon fiber breathing apparatus cylinders. The result is pressure vessels that are light enough for aerospace, tough enough for firefighters, and built for demanding highway conditions.

FIBA’s high-pressure gas tubes are built, tested, and certified to the exacting standards of US DOT, Transport Canada, European TPED, ISO, ASME and other international pressure equipment standards.

Firefighters with SCBA cylinders/masks

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