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compressed gas association's Rich GottwaldIt was interesting to hear the comments made recently by Rich Gottwald, President & CEO of the CGA (Compressed Gas Association), at the Gasworld North American CO2 Summit.

The CGA is working alongside end user trade associations to educate policymakers about the uses of CO2 across a myriad industries – including food, beverage, medical and welding – so that upcoming policies don’t negatively impact the future use of CO2.

FIBA has a direct interest in this. At FIBA’s Louisville, Kentucky site we carry an “R” stamp for the rehabilitation of both transportable and stationary cryogenic trailers and vessels and CO2 vacuum-jacketed receivers.  And at FinnCo, the vaporizer manufacturing arm of FIBA, we engineer and manufacture a full line of low-pressure, high-pressure and pressure-building vaporizers, including electric CO2 vaporizers.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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