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FIBA Technologies has invested $2 million in new CNC machinery to increase its manufacturing capacity at its Massachusetts vessel-making plant.

The new horizontal milling machine sits at the heart of FIBA’s tube machining station. It increases capacity by over 50 percent in this critical area and broadens the range of FIBA’s high precision machining capabilities.

Vice President of Finance and Operations, John Finn, comments:

“FIBA has a long history of investing to increase capacity and improve our technical capabilities.  We focus on capacity, technical capability and quality. And this machine addresses all three issues.

“This investment provides greater flexibility in our manufacturing programming and is the latest step in that strategy as we continue to grow the company.

“FIBA continues to lead investments into vessel technology to meet the growing demand from alternative fuel, electronics and other specialty gas storage and distribution applications.

“Further investment in technology is planned for our Littleton manufacturing facility.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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