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FIBA's high pressure gas vessels and trailers are seen in service across the global gas industryThe April 2024 Gasworld US edition serves as a timely reminder of the increasingly creative applications of biotechnology within the global CO2 sector.

Stephen B. Harrison, of sbh4 consulting, writes about how bio-based CO2 capture and utilization is playing an increasingly important role in multiple industries.  The CO2 market is one where FIBA’s role is well-defined in terms of designing and manufacturing a wide range of key products, from trailers to electric CO2 vaporizers.

FIBA, best known for its high pressure gas vessels, manufactures CO2 trailers which are found everywhere, such as in the food, agriculture and beverage industries, among others.  In addition, a full line of cryogenic trailers bears the FIBA hallmark.

FIBA’s national repair, re-test and maintenance teams are also integral to the ongoing contribution these fleets and vaporizers make to the CO2 industry.

Posted by: Andy Evans

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