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The CEESI (Colorado Engineering Experiment Station Inc.) Big Air Calibration System uses 28 high pressure gas vessels from FIBA Technologies..

The news that CEESI (Colorado Engineering Experiment Station Inc.) has conducted its first commercial calibration with its new Big Air Calibration System has been greeted warmly by FIBA Technologies Inc., which supplied the facility’s 28 high pressure gas vessels.

The Big Air Calibration System, located at Nunn in Colorado, has been designed to test pressures up to 2400 psi and flow rates beyond 85 lbm/sec (70,000 SCFM).  It provides CEESI’s customers with a world class high flow calibration and testing system.

CEESI provides market-leading flow measurement and testing expertise, including high- and low-pressure calibrations with multiple media including air, natural gas, and water.

CEESI’s Vice President of Operations, Dirk R. Flournoy, says:

“FIBA’s high pressure gas vessels play a vital role in CEESI’s calibration system.

“High pressure, high flow rate air calibrations require an extensive array of equipment.  However, it’s impossible to even begin without a robust and reliable compression system, and for this we needed quality high pressure storage vessels.

“FIBA’s spin forging process allows for a lighter, more compact vessel. This is what attracted us to FIBA, along with its tube bundle design which gives us more storage in a smaller footprint than traditional welded vessels.

“It has also given CEESI the opportunity to design a more modular system to which more storage can easily be added for future expansion.”


Posted by: Andy Evans

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