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Messer has supplied FIBA’s tubes for a hydrogen refueling station at an auto manufacturer in South Carolina.  The high pressure storage system will feature 22 tubes, each be capable of storing 34.1 kg of hydrogen at 450 bar, for the refuelling of a growing number of forklifts at the plant.

Stephen Finn, VP of Sales and Marketing at FIBA, says:  “The auto manufacturer plant has a significant fleet of hydrogen-powered material handling equipment and machines, and it is now expanding its hydrogen refuelling capabilities. FIBA is proud to have been selected by Messer to provide the hydrogen storage for this installation.”

Michael Ianelli, Key Customer Manager, Hydrogen at Messer, says: “Messer’s goal is to help our customers reduce their emissions.  We achieve this with an efficient supply of gases, including via on-site hydrogen units.

“FIBA has been supplying us with hydrogen equipment for many years.  This means that our customers benefit from a first class team with the highest level of industry knowledge and experience to help expand its hydrogen applications.”

Posted by: Andy Evans

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